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  • The proscenium of hospitality starts with safety and hygiene! - 05-06-2020



    This summer R&breakfast celebrates its 11th birthday. The word hospitality has always been central and it still is. We are also looking forward to re-opening our business and receiving guests after the lockdown.

    Before hospitality, clean has now become the keyword and acquired an additional meaning and is gaining importance in our daily life. Justly so!

    Every hospitality entrepreneur is proud to share the house, the home with guests from within and abroad. And yet, ... Sars-Cov-2 virus has made hygiene, safety more central. In the frontline. That's the way it should be. While hygiene has always been evident in the hospitality sector, as well as in the wellness sector, the beauty sector, etc.

    The scenarios for cleaning and hygiene already existed, for every self-respecting hospitality-manager, and are now supplemented with advice from the Agency for Care and Health and Guidelines and Protocols from VisitFlanders.

    While we prepare for a new operational reality and find a balance between federal, regional and local regulations, we will all have to get used to the new circumstances. The comfort, the conviviality, the atmosphere may lose something, the quality will certainly be maintained, but the way we learn to interact is important. From showing understanding, to building lasting trust, to taking care of each other: “I take care of your and my health. You too?"

    We are actually going back to the past. Where the customer, who previously booked a trip, reserved a destination, there were no social media, no internet, no reviews, no booking platforms that visually gave you all the information to realize your trip. Then, you saw holiday photos, or heard wonderful stories from family and friends.

    In these present times of the pandemic, we often hear the word "the enemy is invisible". That is precisely the degree of difficulty that every hospitality manager will also have to take into account. Because the customer, the guest and the accommodation entrepreneur will continue to ask the same question, consciously and unconsciously “Shall I be safe?”. A fair and sincere question.

    Cleaning, hygiene and maintenance were done efficiently behind the scenes, between hours and usually very discreetly. Today cleaning is brought to the forefront. Disinfectants are set up tactically and strategically, supplemented with routines, protocols, signage, social distance, plexi and mouth masks. They are all central to the proscenium of the accommodation operation.

    It will take some getting used to, and yet small-scale hospitality accommodations have a great advantage. The daily commitment of care, cleanliness and trust they radiate should make it possible to  start-up again with full dedication, in optimal conditions of safety, tranquility and comfort.

    The essence of the story is that naming your safety, hygiene and disinfection strategy is not the most important thing, but the meaning and purpose you give to it, is!

    Every guest expects a clean room. A clean place to stay. Today that translates in a more charged way. Today it means: virus free. Without linking it to a scientific discussion, the basic principle here is of a reasonable, cautious hospitality manager, and everyone understands exactly what we mean.

    The associations that are made today are: a virus-free room, virus-free accommodation, and a virus-free customer journey, ... during the entire virus-free stay. Physically and mentally this requires a lot of focus, attention and even more understanding. Efforts from both the operator and the guest. Dealing with each other will always be based on mutual trust in human relationships.

    With New Year we wish each other good health every year. Well… now we have to apply it effectively every day with and for each other. This is good & safe business. Stronger together. Taking care of each other.

    In any case, R&breakfast wishes to re-open soon, in the spirit of good health and better well-being, for you and us, in a safe environment.

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